Tanning Tips 

Understanding The Importance of Moisturizing

Question: Is moisturized skin important for a tan?

Answer: Healthy moist skin will tan quicker, get darker, and keeps its tan appearance longer because the melanin is produced more rapidly.  Your skin will not exfoliate as quickly when it is properly moisturized, keeping your tan appearance longer.

Understanding Eye Protection While Tanning

Question: Is eye protection necessary while tanning?

Answer: The importance of wearing approved eyewear while tanning can never be stressed enough.  What value can you put on something that is so vital it is responsible for 80% of all information we receive on a daily basis.

The eyelid is too thin to be able to protect the eye from ultraviolet light penetration.  Too much UVB damages the cornea, while too much UVA damages the retina.  UVB has such a short wavelength that is completely absorbed by the lens (cornea) of the eye. When these rays are absorbed by the cornea, they can cause corneal burns.

Towels, sunglasses, cotton balls, and their eyelids do not adequately protect their eyes from damage.  Eyewear must fit properly to be effective.  UV light must not be able to seep in around the corners of the eyewear.  The elastic strap that comes with goggles is provided to insure a tight fit.

Paradise Tan & Travel wants to insure that you protect your eyes when tanning and requires that you wear eye protection.

Understanding Tanning Lotions

Question: Why are lotions necessary?

Answer: Tanning without a lotion will deplete your skin of its much needed moisture.  Lotions can help stimulate the production of melanin so that your skin tans more quickly, gets darker and keeps its tan longer.  Plus, our lotions have moisturizers that keep your skin soft and healthy.  Our premium lotions deliver vitamins, moisturizers, oils, and other ingredients to revitalize that skin and encourage melanin production, which gives you a tan appearance.